Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Preezma

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Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Preezma

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Darpass features a series of in-depth interviews with Darpass partner network. We interviewed founders and executives of Armenia’s most innovative, talented and influential tech companies to tell the stories of inspiring tech teams, highlight their achievements and help you discover the company culture, values and business goals

About Preezma

Preezma is a software development and IT consulting company with our HQ based in Yerevan, Armenia.
Since first breaking ground in 2013, Preezma team has made progressive strides within the local and international markets. The team has successfully developed and continues to develop diverse Management Systems, Social Networks and Marketing Tools with next gen engineering solutions.

Preezma team | Darpass Partner Network

Darpass team had an interesting interview with Co-Founders of Preezma team Hamayak Harutyunov and Rafayel Baghian.

The Story Behind Company Logo

The company logo is a prism. The prism is a transparent solid body, having triangular bases and used for dispersing light into a spectrum or for reflecting rays of light. The idea is that this small thing generates different values in different directions. This is what our company does also for our clients and partners. We aim at generating value for our partners through the software solutions we provide.

What kind of services do you offer?

We help clients determine the right tech path for their project success by providing tech consulting, web and mobile app development and customer support services.

Hamayak: For the last few years we have mostly focused on offering full-cycle development to leading companies in Europe and USA. Our team is mostly skilled in developing software as a service platforms. One of the valuable services we provide is the free tech consultation. We meet and discuss the client needs and advise on the right tech choice and approach for their projects.

Rafayel: One thing I would like to mention is the flexible dedicated team and outstaffing model we have. Our employees can go abroad and work for a certain period in our partner’s local team. Thus, they easily integrate into partner’s processes and culture and at the same time work at Preezma. This is a great opportunity for our people who want to work and stay in Armenia but at the same time gain an international experience working with other countries and cultures.

Darpass Partner Network | Preezma Team

What are your company goals?

The main goal of the company is to help global organizations and small businesses to turn their bold ideas into reality. “Many people have good ideas, but they do not have the right tech experience to turn them into reality. We are here to help them” says Rafayel.

The other goal is to deliver the complex software solution to the clients with quality and on time. “Deadlines are important because the world is changing every second. The idea you have right now may become unnecessary and outdated tomorrow”.

As for the vision, Preezma team wants to become a software development company known as the best workplace in the Armenian market and a good reliable partner abroad. 

Rafayel: As a technology partner or an investor, we focus on helping all the talented people who come with great ideas to bring value to their markets and who want to work with our company to grow their business.

What’s your relationship with your clients like?

We treat our client as a family member.

Preezma values customer care and the right approach and tries to continuously improve the communication quality and channels. They understand that most problems and challenges may come from miscommunication with clients or partners. This is why the team does its best to avoid communication gaps.

Rafayel: Before starting any project partnership we always try to understand what’s right or wrong with the business idea. We take a deep dive to examine whether the business really needs this or that tech solution. In most cases, we come up with new business ideas and approaches for the clients.

Hamayak: We want to show our clients that when they start working with us, we become their trusted tech partner. We do our best to make their project a success.

How does the company address failure? And success?

Every failure is the beginning of a new success.

Hamayak: It’s simple. Success is celebrated with great joy. Failures are taken seriously. We try to understand the source of the problem, analyze it so that the same mistake does not happen again.

Rafayel: Failures are an integral part of any enterprise. Being in the sector for several years we must clearly realize that stress is inevitable part of all operations. We are always motivated and positive about the work we do and try to minimize chances of failure. There are cases when failure has a great psychological impact. It takes some time to recover and focus on improvements. It is very important for the companies to always be ready for breakdowns, have a plan B and be mentally prepared.

Darpass Partner Network | Preezma

What is unique about your team culture?

As Preezma team notes, one of the unique characteristics of the company is its flat and close team culture. The team members know each other very well. They can easily see and understand that their colleague. is sad or thoughtful or needs support. It makes a good impact on the daily process organization and general communication.

The management puts big trust on the teammates. They give them freedom to take initiatives and contribute to the progress of the company.  In addition, every team member understands that the success of the company depends not on the separate individuals but on their team efforts.

These values and culture make Preezma a unique company ready to generate successful projects for the young startups and established businesses worldwide.

Moving forward, we are going to share more and more interesting updates and achievements from Darpass partner network.

To learn more about Preezma’s service offering and opportunities to partner with the team, make sure to visit their Website . If you would like to book a company visit and have a friendly introduction, feel free to Contact us.