Fall 2020 – Upcoming Online Conferences and Tech Events

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Fall 2020 – Upcoming Online Conferences and Tech Events

Online Tech events and conferences

            It’s almost autumn and because of the COVID-19 lockdown, we already missed many interesting conferences and tech events. For many years the tech events, expos and conferences have been a way for IT leaders and entrepreneurs to stay on top of emerging tech trends, network, make new partnerships and gain knowledge. But this year COVID-19 had its own evil plans.

            From March 2020 many countries had to stay in lockdown. International travelling was paused and major networking events and tech conferences were canceled. However, the good news is that this situation motivated many organizers of major tech events to be more innovative, flexible and come up with new online formats. Today we have an excellent opportunity to attend various virtual tech events without leaving our houses. Less travel costs, more time to gain as much interesting and useful information as possible.

            We decided to share the list of online tech events and conferences planned for the Fall 2020 to help you plan your tech calendar in a proper way. So, don’t miss your chance to participate in these events and get what you need.

Clarity (September 2-4)

            Clarity is a design systems conference focusing on how we work together. As Clarity will be online this year as a bonus, they will add workshops before and after the meeting. They aim to give people the tools they need to create design systems for inclusion, empathy, technology, creativity, and collaboration. The speakers of Clarity are experts in the design sphere. Among them are Daniel Banks (design systems architect in Amazon), Brittney Ball (documentation engineer in Facebook), and Farai Madzima (UX lead in Shopify). Additionally, they will have live giveaways and Welcome Boxes shipped to the houses of participants.

Inbound (September 22-23)

            Make sure to check Inbound for 200 educational sessions about marketing and latest digital trends. As you may know, every year Inbound conference brings together a community of people who are passionate about marketing, selling, and delighting customers in an inbound way.
This year, the conference will be online and provide three types of content:
1. On-demand, where you can enjoy the event at your pace
2. Audio only, help eyes give a break
3. Live recording, to watch live sessions.
As the organizers inform, they will have various professionals from institutions like HubSpot, Adobe, Twitter, and Harvard University.

VMworld (September 29-October 1)

            This year VMworld will also be online. The event lasts 48 hours giving opportunity to everyone all around the globe to take part in it. Attendees will be able to visit any session anytime they want. Sessions will be divided into six tracks:
– App Modernization,
– Multi-Cloud,
– Intrinsic Security,
– Digital Workspace,
– Virtual Cloud Network
– Emerging Trends.

World Summit AI (September-November)

            Like other conferences, the world’s leading AI Summit has also adjusted its platform to face the challenges of the lockdown. The theme of the event this year is “Without Borders”. Every year World Summit AI gathers around the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, Startups, BigTech, Investors, and Science. This year they plan to have ten events during the Fall as part of the Inspired AI Series.

The Next Web/ Couch Conference (October 1-2)

            Our next event is The Next Web. They also changed the format to online and even changed the conference name to: Couch Conference. Given that the event is online, the organizers anticipate about 25,000 people from 120 countries. The Couch Conference will have 12 topics from AI and ML, Sustainable Societies and Mobility Tech to Design.

Dublin Tech Summit (October 14)

            Dublin Tech Summit is also going to be virtual this year. They designed a 3D virtual lobby that will help participants look and feel physical space. DTS Virtual will allow Elevate by staying at home and using time effectively. Directors and leaders from companies such as Zoom, Huawei, VMware, Udemy, Nokia, and Dropbox will be speakers during DTS Virtual. This is your chance to meet with tech experts, industry leaders and innovators. Also, the event will help you accelerate your business processes or discover new ways for brand promotion.
In a nutshell, DTS Virtual will update people with 2020 Tech trends, inform about latest innovations, and educate how to make the most of today’s technology.

Blockchain Expo Europe (November 24-25)

            Among other events, we should not forget about blockchain. Blockchain Expo is one of the world’s leading events focused on latest tech trends. This year the event will take place in Amsterdam but, of course, online. Discussions will be about Blockchain, IoT and 5G, AI and Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud. Those topics will include the industries of real estate and retail, healthcare, government, energy, music, insurance, and financial services. It is an excellent networking opportunity as the speakers will be world-famous companies like Renault and Airbus Military.

Web Summit (December 2-4)            

            Web Summit organizers believe they have incredible speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and proprietary software to maximize the event experience online. The event brings together people and companies who redefine the global tech industry. According to Inc. Magazine Web Summit is the biggest technology conference.

            Every year about 1500 investors, 150 countries, 800 countries, 2500 startups, and more than 100,000 attendees participate in this huge event. During the past years, they had famous and successful speakers such as Reed Hastings(founder, and CEO of Netflix), Guo Ping (rotating chairman of Huawei), Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram), Steve Huffman (CEO of Reddit), Brad Smith (president of Microsoft. This year Websummit team will do their best to take the conference to the next level and make thousands of people gather online for a fantastic experience.

            There are many other interesting and highly-specialized events. To name a few: React Summit (Oct 15-16), ASC/API Specifications Conference (Sept 9-10), GOTO Berlin (Sept 15-18), DevOps Enterprise Summit (Oct 13-15) that focus on narrow target audiences.

            We hope you found your next event in our 2020 Fall list. As you see the tech events and conferences are not lost this year. You only need to check their websites, quickly get the seats and enjoy the show.