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Matching International Business with Leading Armenian Tech Companies

Tech Event Guide 2021

Your #1 Tech Event Guide from Darpass | Tech Fall 2021

Keeping the best traditions, Darpass team is back with our updated Tech Event Guide for this fall (Check the Tech Event Guide for Summer 2021). Have you already checked and booked your seats to be part of inspiring new outlooks that tackle the greatest technology challenges and business opportunities.Let’s get ready for technological 2022 together.…
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Tech map of Armenia_Darpass campaign

Մարզերը Քնած Չեն | Help Darpass Create the Tech Map of the Regions of Armenia

We are creating the REGIONAL TECH MAP of Armenia. Are you with us? Have you ever thought about going to the regions of Armenia and working from there? Or maybe you have thought about founding your own startup or partnering with tech companies from Goris, Sevan, Gyumri or Stepanakert. Have you tried searching for such…
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Summer Tech Events 2021

Tech Summer 2021: Your #1 Tech Event Guide

Tech summer 2021 is here. We did our best to compile a list of the best tech events to make your summer season more interesting and insightful.As we can see, many of the big tech events and tradeshows are likely to take place online or in a hybrid (online & offline) format this year. Either…
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Darpass - Spring Tech Events 2021

14 Tech Events and International Conferences for Spring 2021

2020 tech year saw lots of annual tech events and international conferences move either online and to virtual spaces. Many major conferences were even canceled. This year we expect more and more online-only events and some major event organizers come up with hybrid models. Let’s see how the new event formats and networking reality will…
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Armenian tech in numbers_Darpass

Armenian Tech Sector in Numbers

Armenia is actively turning into a new regional hub of advanced technology and innovation providing software and hardware solutions and products to customers all around the world. Being one of the leading technology centers of the Soviet Union and having a strong and smart human capital served as a solid ground for Armenia to grasp…
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Startup ecosystem of Armenia

Armenian Startup Ecosystem | VCs, Angels and Startup Programs

The words Venture Capital, Startup Accelerator, Incubator, and Startups become more and more popular in Armenia due to the development and promising results of the Armenian startup ecosystem. Before presenting some of the major players in the market, let us tell you more about the differences of these entities. What is a Startup? A startup…
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Online Tech events and conferences

Fall 2020 – Upcoming Online Conferences and Tech Events

            It’s almost autumn and because of the COVID-19 lockdown, we already missed many interesting conferences and tech events. For many years the tech events, expos and conferences have been a way for IT leaders and entrepreneurs to stay on top of emerging tech trends, network, make new partnerships and gain knowledge. But this year…
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Data Science Companies in Armenia

Data Science Companies in Armenia

            For the last years, Data Science companies in Armenia started playing an essential role in the global IT sphere. Different factors have made the data science industry necessary and actively growing both locally and internationally. Since 2018 various educational institutions, including the American University of Armenia and Yerevan State University, started offering bachelor’s and…
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Products developed in Armenia

Great Products Developed in Armenia

Armenia may not be one of the most well-known countries to people around the world, nevertheless its IT industry has scored impressive results recently making the country very popular among tech-interested people. Web and mobile applications are the vital part of our reality, in particular the ones which make our lives easier. Below we have…
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DARPASS blog article

How Covid19 Impacted Armenian Tech Companies

The outbreak of Covid19 disrupted business operations and is challenging the global market from travel, hospitality, supply chain to entertainment and our daily lifestyle. The quarantine upended 2020 plans and had an impact on Armenian tech companies. Below, some of Armenian tech leaders share their outlook of the current business situation and the value they’ve…
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