Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Esterox

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Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Esterox

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About Esterox

Esterox is a young and vibrant team of strong-minded IT professionals, who work as hard as ants. |”We believe that all the great work is done the way the ants do things. They are natural problem solvers, with high resilience and a strong work ethic“.

How it all started.

Armen: We started our activities as freelancers back in 2014 and in 2016 we decided to found a service company. We consider it the incubation period before the birth of Esterox.

The story behind company name and logo.

Armen: Why did we choose an ant? There is a good story behind it.
From an early age, I used to observe the ants with great interest. I admired their joint work, the sense of unity and group power with which they can defeat larger animals. It always fascinated me and I realized that as an individual I am small too, but together with a team we can be strong. During our friendly gatherings I always suggested having the toast for the ants. Years later, when it was the time to start a company, I remembered about the ants again and decided that we should act and be like ants. And even though we live in a small country, we can achieve great things due to our unity.

This is why it was very easy to decide the logo. What comes to the name choice, “Esterox” does not exist anywhere as such, but for us it means hardworking ant

What type of projects are you working on and what services do you offer?

Armen: We provide custom web development services to startups and SMEs and have an experience of working with clients from different countries and industries.
I would like to point out that one of the platforms we developed is used in more than 200 schools in Australia. It is a subject selection automation program.

One of the projects that inspires me most is our own product called Giver – a website aimed at developing the art of giving in the community. Giver is an online charity giving platform connecting givers and recipients. Although the website is already published, several new features are to be expected, like providing free services and consultation by professionals of different spheres.

How do you handle stress, mistakes and failures?

Armen: With an open mind. We try not to find out who or what is right or wrong, but to understand the problem. If there is a conflict, it means that we all have our share of guilt in that. We discuss the reasons and roots and try to find solutions together.
Poghos: Esterox has an established corporate culture and healthy team spirit. While making mistakes we are not ashamed to discuss them.

In order to progress, after all, it’s better to make mistakes when trying something new and growing, rather than constantly repeating the same thing just because we are afraid of failures.

What does company value the most in partners, projects and people?

Armen: I consider myself a Christian, it’s an important part of our work and life. We start our office day with a prayer. I also believe that there is a divine providence in our company. Within the company, as well as in customer/partner relations, we are led by Christian values. If the project benefits the public and serves the community, we do it with great enthusiasm.
For the people we look for and work with, first of all, we value humans. If the person is like you and has similar values, then you like him and communicate easily. Of course, this does not mean that the people we do not “like” are bad.

Poghos: The ability of being a leader complements the list of all the qualities Armen has mentioned. This helps an individual solve problems on his own and even guide the rest of the team. It’s easy to work with leaders as they can find a solution to any issue just because they are not afraid to take action. We can proudly state we have such team members and continuously look for such individuals to join our team.

What if a person is not a leader by nature, but a good performer and doer? If you set the task clearly and he does it very quickly and with quality?

Poghos: We have such people in the team too. In that case, we have a different approach and know how to communicate and give appropriate tasks. The most important is that a person knows his approach in work, moves forward as a professional and feels good in our team.

Armen: Working together with highly skilled professionals gives our employees room for personal and professional growth. So it’s not the financial benefit, but the professional atmosphere that keeps our employees stay with us for a long time.

Of course, there is still a long way to go and grow to become a world-class company, but we already work on defining and developing good career opportunities for our people.

It’s been more than two years since the establishment of Esterox Gyumri branch. We continuously work on its development and believe this could also contribute to the development of Armenian IT sector. We are also willing to carry out some projects in other regions of Armenia.

How do you celebrate the success of the company?

Armen: We have special team gatherings, teambuilding and small celebrations. One of the recent ones was the celebration of company’s birthday.

What makes you proud to work at Esterox?

Armen: The team and the people I see every day. I always discover something new and good when collaborating with them. Also, the sense of unity, when each of us does our part to create something big together.

Poghos: One thing that makes me happy is that we offer our services to the foreign market, thus, bringing funds to Armenia. This inspires me the most.

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