Data Science Companies in Armenia

Matching International Business with Leading Armenian Tech Companies

Data Science Companies in Armenia

Data Science Companies in Armenia

            For the last years, Data Science companies in Armenia started playing an essential role in the global IT sphere. Different factors have made the data science industry necessary and actively growing both locally and internationally.

Since 2018 various educational institutions, including the American University of Armenia and Yerevan State University, started offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in data science. Besides, another critical factor that promotes the development and growth of Data Science companies in Armenia is the growing number of data science enthusiasts. So, let’s go ahead and explore some of the leading data science companies.


            One of the leading data science companies is DISQO which recently opened its branch in Armenia. The company’s goal is to provide behavioral and opinion data empowering clients to discover what consumers think and do. DISQO was founded in 2014 and has already created the largest primary behavioral data source to help brands and insights professionals get more competitive. They analyze advertisement efficiency, shopping journey, and actual purchase activity. For example, during their last research about ad relevance, they discovered that ads more often meet viewers’ interests then needs. Also, only half of the viewers think that the ads they see are relevant.

DISQO Armenia Team


            Another data science company is Datamotus, which uses statistical analysis and data mining to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and decision-makers to make data-driven decisions and get better results. The founders of Datamotus are two experts in data science, who work in the sphere for many years. Datamotus has a wide range of services, including machine learning and statistical analysis, market research and data visualization.


            Our next heroes are Metric team. They offer data science consultancy and machine learning services. Their aim at empowering companies with artificial intelligence and data-driven insights. Metric’s service includes gathering data, analyzing and reporting it, as well as decision-making. The team focuses on ML, deep learning, business, and Big Data using such programming languages and libraries as Python, R, and Pandas. The experts in Metric develop exciting products, and one of them is the Text Analyzer. With the help of Text Analyzer unstructured, textual data can be easily converted into a structured and meaningful one.


            Going ahead with Armenian data science companies, we should not forget about SmartClick, which provides innovative solutions to businesses with Computer Vision, Data Analysis, and Automation. Their solutions bring businesses efficiency, growth, and better results. SmartClick’s innovative products vary from food, face and emotion recognition to gender detection, and image classification. For instance, Emotion Recognition works by analyzing the movement of the facial features, understanding how they change, and as a result, giving the corresponding emotion.

Cognaize Team


            And the final company of the list is Cognaize, which works on financial spreading, trustee report, and invoice processing. Cognaize specialties include data management, data science, microservices, and also software engineering. As they claim whatever problem they want to solve, they assume that it can be performed without humans. Cognaize believes that Data Science is more Art than Science. Their data scientists have created an inclusive environment using Big Data solutions, seamless computational power, and microservices.

            Cognaize, Metric, SmartClick, Disqo, Datamotus, and many other data science companies work and develop in Armenia using the art of Data Science and contributing to its development. They can compete with the international market and innovate globally. So, what is left is to get an education and join experienced data science companies in Armenia.