A Sneak Peek into the Tech Potential of the Regions of Armenia

Matching International Business with Leading Armenian Tech Companies

A Sneak Peek into the Tech Potential of the Regions of Armenia

A Sneak Peek into the Tech Potential of the Regions of Armenia

We at Darpass believe that the Regions of Armenia have a word to say in the tech industry․ Back in August 2021 we initiated a campaign called “Մարզերը քնած չեն” (“The regions are not sleeping”) to uncover the tech potential in the regions of Armenia․ We aimed at collecting information and evidence about the tech educational centers, hubs, service companies and startups based outside of Yerevan. 

Our Goal

Our goal was to show that there are ample opportunities for each of us to innovate and make a real impact from the regions and for the regions. While Yerevan remains the major technological hub in Armenia in terms of tech job openings increasingly attracting young talents from other parts of Armenia, there are lots of tech job growth and employment opportunities for people with tech skills in other major cities, including Gyumri, Vanadzor, Goris and Stepanakert.

With the help of this small campaign we wish to make a step forward towards motivating each of us to dedicate more time and energy to teaching, learning, working, partnering, founding and investing in the regions. The revitalization of our cultural background will help our young talents to work and grow professionally in their local community. As a result, they will give back to their community and set themselves up for future success. This will ultimately lead to sustainable regional growth.

Along the way of our research we discovered some interesting facts and would love to share them with you and allow you to use them as a trail guide in your new endeavors and contributions.

Interesting Facts about the Key Players in the Regions of Armenia

  • AugmentAR is the only company producing 3D printers and offering 3D printing services in Goris (Syunik).
  • As of 2021, 553 Armath engineering labs operate on the territory of Armenia and Artsakh. More than 15000 students get free engineering education.
  • Another regional key player, Digital Pomegranate, is based in Shirak. They are building a creative, high-tech focused and sustainable neighborhood in Gyumri called “Distrikt”, which is about to become a new economic and social growth engine for the city and Shirak region.
  • An interesting and innovative startup called Breengy is designed by a group of creative minds from Artsakh, Armenia. Their product offers carpooling and car sharing services.

First Outcomes

Below is a brief recap of the info collected during the past two months:

  • 51+ Software Development Companies
  • 10+ Startup & Product Companies
  • 64+ Training & Educational Centers
  • 7+ Coworking Office Spaces & Technoparks
  • 11+ Hardware Design & Manufacturing

We are planning to share the outcomes of our research on a weekly basis on all our social media accounts to raise awareness about the tech players of our regions. We are more than sure this is a continuous process and the numbers are not final, as there’s a strong potential for the growth of the tech ecosystem in the regions of Armenia.

Therefore, we will be expecting our community to contribute with any extra information that you might come across and which you didn’t find in our article. Our database will be updated accordingly and shared via social media.

So stay tuned and let’s create the tech map of the regions together!