Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Tesvan Team

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Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Tesvan Team

Darpass features a series of interviews with founders and executives of Armenia’s most innovative, talented, and influential tech companies. We want to tell the inspiring stories of these teams and help you discover their company culture and business values.

Today’s interview is dedicated to Tesvan team. We had a very insightful conversation with the co-founders of Tesvan team ( Davit Kartashyan, Davit Grigoryan, Armen Grigoryan) who shared the story of establishment of their company and revealed the secrets of their supportive team culture.

Their story is exceptional and different for us, since they are our first regional tech partner located in Gegharkunik region.

Let’s Go!

Tell Us Your Story. Why Is It Important?

Davit Grigoryan
My partners and I have been providing quality assurance services for many years and have worked with and for several local and international tech companies in Armenia. During the past years we met many talented and smart people in our hometown who had all the potential to become good specialists in tech but had chosen different professional paths because of the lack of practical education and awareness.

Thus, we wanted to share our accumulated knowledge with the younger generation in our hometown and help them make their first steps in tech. This is how we gathered with like-minded people and started building the future of Tesvan.

We selected a team of 15 students to start with and organized free trainings in Sevan during the weekends. As a successful outcome of the training, 5 people were hired in different tech companies in Yerevan. We trained and supported them to start a new career, but at the same time, we realized that we also facilitated the process of labor and talent migration from the regions to the capital.

Therefore, for the next training sessions we set another goal. We decided to train and build a team of strong quality engineers who would stay and work in Sevan.

This is how Tesvan team was born. Today, we are a team of 20+ enthusiasts who share the same values and are ready to contribute to the growth and development of our local community.

What is the Story Behind the Company Name and Logo?

  • The name of the company was created from the combination of the words Test and Sevan
  • One of our teammates came up with an interesting solution for the logo by putting the main accent on a Bug and combining that with Script elements. We found it unique.

So, for the company’s mission, Tesvan team wants to be a source of inspiration and motivation for the local community and a reliable quality assurance partner for their international clients.

What are your business vision and goals?

Armen Grigoryan
Tesvan was founded in 2019 with the mission to reduce talent migration in the regions and promote the development of active tech ecosystem in Gegharkunik region, particularly in Sevan and its surrounding areas. We create opportunities for the young people who want to work in tech. Our team motivates them to stay in their hometowns and develop their regions instead of moving to capital cities.

The team has started with QA, but one of the business goals is to expand the service offering and bring senior software developers and mentors to Sevan and neighboring cities to train and educate also small teams of software engineers.

“We believe that it is possible to stay in a small tech community and succeed and make it a success for the community. Instead of being a giant company in Yerevan or working to tech giants, we want to become the new hub for small but hard-working teams who share our values and focus on the development of our community. We want to have an entrepreneurial model that is sustainable for small communities like Sevan. Also, we may make it a role model for other communities”, – states Davit Kartashyan.

Tell Us About Your Services

We take the ownership of automating and streamlining the quality assurance process for detecting hidden issues and accelerating the market entry of diverse digital products. We ensure a new level of quality for products by hunting down and reproducing the trickiest of bugs.

What’s your relationship with your clients like?

Tesvan values both personal and business relationships and thrives to create a positive working environment for their employees and clients.

“We treat our clients as our partners and friends. Transparent communication paired with quality work and constructive feedback is all we focus on to make our project development a success.” notes Armen Grigoryan.

How would you describe the corporate culture with 1 word:

It’s a mechanical watch where all our employees act and collaborate as one big machine and each person has it’s value in the working process.

The Team Making This Happen

In parallel to our professional services, we have local training courses to educate and raise a new generation of QA specialists. This is why when it comes to hiring new employees, we effortlessly hire our top students with competitive salaries and help them grow professionally. For most, we are the first place to work here and grow professionally.

We work and live like one family and despite the growth of the team, we want to keep the culture and personal relations. We are proud to have 60-70% women in our team.

We’re all humans and none of us is a “Superstar” specialist. Thus, we all learn from each other and support each other when it comes to trying new things. We always put our people and their professional growth first and only then the project requests.

Tell us About Your Upcoming Goals for 2021-2022

We have started the construction of new Tesvan office which is expected to be ready by summer 2022. Our goal is building a cool, professional and convivial office environment for our employees.

Office plans_Tesvan Team

We lack professional content in Armenian. That’s why we have started working on the creation of educational content. We want to have a big emphasize on the education. On our new website we will have also free educational content in Armenian to train and empower the new generation of QA specialists in Armenia.

Darpass team is always looking for Armenian tech companies and executives with an interesting story to tell. Contact us if you would like to learn more about Tesvan or discuss a possible partnership with their team.