Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Algorithm Solutions

Matching International Business with Leading Armenian Tech Companies

Darpass Partner Network | Interview with Algorithm Solutions

Darpass features a series of interviews with our partner network. We interviewed founders and executives of Armenia’s most innovative, talented and influential tech companies to tell the stories of their inspiring teams, highlight their achievements and help you discover the company culture, values, and business goals.

Today’s interview is dedicated to the Algorithm Solutions team, who has joined efforts to develop and grow the local tech industry with the quality algorithms and smart solutions they develop for local and international clients.

We had an interesting conversation with Vahagn Hovhannisyan, CEO of Algorithm Solutions.

About Algorithm Solutions

Tell us about your company.

Our company story started almost 4 years ago when my friend and I founded Algorithm Solutions. My friend is a programmer and before that, he worked in various IT companies. I myself studied and have a connection with programming, but later I chose the business management path. 

I guess we had a very typical growth process like many other small teams who started with freelancing and then decided to establish a company. We had only 3 programmers and worked on various platforms, where we could somehow find projects,  without developing any serious marketing or business development strategy for our company.

It was an organic process and step-by-step growth. In the future, because of the good results, the cooperation with existing customers turned into a long-term partnership, and this was the trigger that also motivated us to grow. 

What are we doing? We are engaged in web application development, exactly, custom software development  and development of e-commerce solutions. 

How is the process going on? Easy! In a very classic mode. (laughing) 
We have a very standard process of lead generation, need understanding and project development. Of course, sometimes this looks like a very simple and easy process, and sometimes demands lots of patience, energy and motivation. Lots of interviews with clients, the discovery of their needs, technology consulting, and a big focus on actual project tasks. 

Why Algorithm Solutions? Even easier. We had no difficulty in choosing the name. When we were just opening, my partner said that he really wants to call the company – Algorithm, as he always talks about algorithms. I agreed and said, “I like this name!!”.

What is your project management approach?

We are an Agile team. Basically, we are using the Scrum framework, but in a very custom way. The process isn’t going on in a typical form, with all the theory, regulatory laws,  since it depends on the project type, client, and many external and internal factors. Especially now, with Covid19 challenges, the management process is very frequently adjusted by the clients.

How would you describe your corporate culture in 1 word?

I don’t know, I really don’t know. (laughing)

Well, to be honest, I have never thought about this. Maybe, if I have to choose one word, it will be adherence: as the core members of our team are with us from the very beginning until now. And I hope they will stay with us for a long time. 🙂

Starting from everyday office decisions to project-specific discussions everyone is encouraged to freely share their ideas. For example, when we launch a new project, and it is necessary to understand which technologies and tools should be used, this process sometimes takes time, because everyone in the team offers various ideas. We do our best to take all suggestions into account and analyze them in detail. Only after having discussed all ideas we come to a single conclusion. Of course, this takes time, but at the same time, we make sure that all ideas are heard and valued. 

What is the company’s approach to career development?

We focus on the professional growth of our teammates and try to create the right environment where our senior and experienced specialists educate and train the juniors and support in their professional growth path. We have workshops, individual tasks, and training with some programmers that need assistance. This is both for developing programming and soft skills. Also, since we mostly communicate with international clients, we have English lessons in our office.

One of our great achievements that comes to my mind right now is the growth path we have had with some of our programmers who entered our company 4 years ago as juniors. Right now, they are key people of the team who lead our projects․

How Do You Handle Stress / Pressure?

In many different ways.
We have outdoor events, team gatherings to spend quality time with our people without thinking about the projects. Also, we have a rest zone in our office, where people can play games or just go to the kitchen and eat something tasty and relax.

We are going to share more and more interesting updates and achievements from the Darpass partner network. Stay Tuned!

To learn more about Algorithm Solutions team’s service offering and opportunities to partner with the team, make sure to visit their Website. If you would like to book a company visit and have a friendly introduction, feel free to Contact us.