Darpass Partner Network | Interview with V-MOBILE

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Darpass Partner Network | Interview with V-MOBILE

Darpass features a series of interviews with Darpass partner network. We interviewed founders and executives of Armenia’s most innovative, talented, and influential tech companies to tell the stories of their inspiring teams, highlight their achievements and help you discover the company culture, values, and business goals.

This week we had an interesting interview with V-Mobile team. The team was celebrating their 5 year anniversary a month ago and we are happy to share their company story here.

About V-Mobile

We are a team of engineers, tech transformers, and design-thinkers helping make your journey to digital business shorter, more tangible, and sustainable. As a true mobile first mobile always team, we will delight you with your B2B or B2C grade app with our end-to-end mobile development services.

Tell us about your company.

V-Mobile was established in 2016 as a mobile-only solutions provider. From the beginning, our goal was to provide unbeatable quality in return for our clients’ investment. During this time, we’ve managed to gain their trust and respect. We currently have 30 people on our team.

We’re big enough to provide our clients with complex mobile solutions and small enough to care about their projects.

Logo story

The mobile icon in our logo is simple and straightforward in order to immediately convey what our company does. We wanted it to be clear and easy to remember.
Incidentally, the V in our logo is rather symbolic this year – it coincides with our 5th year anniversary as a company.

Services offered

To put it in simple terms, we offer native and cross-platform development. Within that realm, we cover the entire app development lifecycle which includes Business Analysis and Product Development Strategy; Wireframing and Prototyping; UI/UX and Brand Identity Development; Solution Architecture Consulting; App Development for mobile, web, and wearable IoT devices; QA, Backend and API Development; DevOps and IT Management; and Maintenance and Support.

How would you describe your corporate culture in 1 word?

First off, we wouldn’t describe our culture as corporate, it’s rather family-like and if we had to use just one word, we’d say it’s curiosity. As a team, we are on a constant quest to explore new avenues, solutions, and technologies that will result in added value for our clients.

What kind of employee achievements does the company recognize?

That’s a good question because praise and recognition are a big part of our company culture and it underpins everything we do. Our employees know that going the extra mile will never go unnoticed. We recognize when people take initiative and take charge when the situation calls for it, and we value a professional approach to work.

What is the company’s approach to career development?

We focus on not only fortifying our employees’ knowledge through challenging work on complex projects but also on broadening and diversifying their skills by holding training and development sessions on a regular basis.

We also hold monthly knowledge sharing sessions among our employees, so that the entire team is up to date with all of the developments that pertain not only to their own projects and areas of expertise but also those of their colleagues.

To keep taps on the latest industry developments, we regularly participate in different expos and events. Our team has attended several major events worldwide, such as the Web Summit (Portugal), droidcon (Dubai).

Describe the work-life balance of employees.

V-Mobile isn’t a company that’s just about a balance sheet and an income statement. Our employees know that as much as we value doing quality work, we always put personal life and wellbeing first, and the company is always ready to extend a helping hand.

We fully recognize that our company is our people. And having healthy, content people on the team means better productivity and engagement, more creativity, positive relationships, and more meaningful contributions.

To maintain a healthy and close-knit team atmosphere, we often organize various team-building activities, like outdoor barbecues, game nights. Honestly, more often than not, the company management doesn’t have to put conscious effort into getting the team together for some sort of activity – it happens voluntarily and organically.

What makes your service offering different?

Our team has already amassed considerable experience in delivering mobile IoT and AI/ML solutions, and we continue to constantly push the envelope and include new approaches in delivering native and cross-platform mobile solutions.

Our goal is to position ourselves as the leading mobile and next-gen solution provider in the local, and subsequently regional and global markets.

What is your project management / or client management approach?

From the beginning, we had made the strategic decision to abide by Agile values in all our development projects, unlike many other companies and small teams, with a service offering similar to ours. Even though that meant extra effort and investment on our part, we knew that we were investing in the future of our company and our employees, making our offering more reliable and transparent for our clients.

Why V-Mobile?

To work with the best you need to be the best.” This is what never lets you stop in one place and forces you to push to your limits and become more professional in your job and this what I like about working in V-Mobile.
The most valuable part of a job is its quality. The high-level quality we achieve with every project makes me proud of my job and our company.

Robert Apikyan, Android and Flutter Engineer

What makes you proud to work at this company?

This may sound trivial, but it’s quite inspiring for me to work in a vibrant, successful Armenian company.
Over the years, I’ve been an avid supporter of Armenian products and services and have been advocating them to everyone around me, and it feels nice that I can walk the walk in this regard when it comes to my career as well.

Zara Nurbegyan, QA Engineer

We are going to share more and more interesting updates and achievements from Darpass partner network.
To learn more about V-Mobile team’s service offering and opportunities to partner with the team, make sure to visit their Website. If you would like to book a company visit and have a friendly introduction, feel free to Contact us.